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Dinosaur Tracks & Insights Museum

Mr. Wollschlager's passion for geology continues through his involvement in numerous projects. In 2022, Mr. Wollschlager became an active member of the El Paso Insight's Society. For many years, it has been a goal to preserve and display the dinosaur tracks visible on Mt. Cristo Rey. Currently, the project involves clearing the area and installing a walking trail leading to an observation area so that El Paso natives and visting toursits have the opportunity to view and learn more about these prehistoric fossils! The purpose of this project is to draw more attention to the rich geological history of the El Paso del Norte region. We wish to inspire scientific curiosity in children and adults alike. If you would like to learn more about the project, donate or get involved, please visit our contact page and get in touch with us!

West Basin Historical Exploration

Currently pending addtional information


Since operations for Wolf Energy, Inc. have ceased, Mr.Wollschlager has founded Wolf Properties, a new family-owned business. Wolf Properties is a vacation rental company providing families around the world, the opportunity to stay at some of the most exclusive rental properties in Mexico. Book your stay now! 

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